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Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments (Psa 119:73, KJV).
Here you'll find some of the more important Baptist Confessions of Faith of the last four centuries, and a couple of other Baptist historical documents, all available for download in several formats. See some of our other pages, including the Biographies & Downloads of important figures in Christian history, Bible & Bible Dictionary Downloads for your PC or website, and Biblical Maps pages for more study materials. Check back from time to time as we will add to this page on a periodic basis.


Baptist Historical Downloads

1646 London Baptist Confession of Faith - The first edition was published in 1644, with this second edition "corrected and enlarged" and published in 1646. This document states that it is "A confession of faith of seven congregations or churches of Christ in London, which are commonly, but unjustly, called Anabaptists; published for the vindication of the truth and information of the ignorant; likewise for the taking off those aspersions which are frequently, both in pulpit and print, unjustly cast upon them."
1689 Baptist Confession of Faith with Scripture Proofs - Printed in 1689, this document states the doctrines "Put forth by the Elders and Brethren of many Congregations of Christians (baptized upon profession of their faith) in London and the Country."
1742 Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith - Printed in 1742, this confession of faith was put forward by Philadelphia Baptists to clarify their stand on the Scriptures.
1833 New Hampshire Baptist Confession - Drawn up by the Rev. John Newton Brown, D. D., of New Hampshire about 1833, this confession of faith was approved by the New Hampshire Convention, and widely accepted by other Baptists as a clear and concise statement of their faith, in harmony with the doctrines of older confessions, but expressed in milder form.
1858 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Abstract of Principles - The first statement of principles of the SBTS, it includes the statement "Every professor of the institution shall be a member of a regular Baptist Church; and all persons accepting professorships in this Seminary shall be considered, by such acceptance, as engaging to teach in accordance with, and not contrary to, the Abstract of Principles hereinafter laid down, a departure from which principles on his part shall be grounds for his resignation or removal by the Trustees."
1925 Baptist Faith and Message Statement - 1925 statement of the doctrine of the Southern Baptist Convention.
1963 Baptist Faith and Message - 1963 statement of the doctrine of the Southern Baptist Convention.
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