The Baptist, Christian Comedic funny videos of Marc Lowry
He will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with happy shouting. (Job 18:21, GW).

Christian Comedy Videos

On this page of Christian comedy videos you'll find videos from Mark Lowry, a comedy genius who is also a singer, and travels with the Gaithers. In addition to the videos below you can check out his website. These videos came from Tangle, formally GodTube. One of our favorites!

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Mark Lowry

Mark tells us about a time when "Mama Had Enough!" I think you'll have some sympathy for his mother.

Mark meets an Atheist at a party. Never had one of those in his house before and was real excited about it.

Mark is wondering what it was like to be Mary raising Jesus, and if she had the same problems with Him we do with our kids.

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