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But Jesus was saying, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing." And they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves (Luk 23:34 NASB).

Are you a man of God who has felt God's pull on your life to go into the Ministry? Praise the Lord, and may He bless you and your family as you embark on the adventure. This page was inspired by a friend who felt that God wanted him to go into the Ministry, but when he tried to find a Seminary, as that was the route he thought he should go, he found it a very confusing process. Through prayer he eventually found his way, but we wanted to make this a little easier on anyone else going down this road. We obviously can't tell you anything about those that are listed here, other than that they are in one way or another associated with one of the Baptist denominations. If we know which one it is, it's listed. If the affiliation just says "Baptist," then we don't have the denomination in our files other than that. If you can update this information or would like to add a seminary to our list, please let us know. There are some states that do not have seminaries as far as we know, as you'll see below. Some schools, we're not sure why, discourage being linked to. Since we're not sure which would rather we not, we've not linked to any at this point. If you're an official of one of these and would like to be linked to, please let us know and we'll gladly do so.

You'll need at least one good while you're in Seminary, and, of course, as a Pastor.


Baptist Seminaries

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming Canada Europe Middle East/Africa Asia/South Pacific
Name Affiliation City State
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary - Arizona Campus Southern Baptist Phoenix AZ
International Baptist College Independent Baptist Tempe AZ
American Baptist Seminary of the West American Baptist Berkely CA
Fresno Missionary Baptist Institute & Seminary Missionary Baptist Fresno CA
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary - Northern California Campus Southern Baptist Mill Valley CA
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary - Southern California Campus Southern Baptist Brea CA
Tulare Missionary Baptist Seminary Missionary Baptist Tulare CA
Western Seminary Conservative Baptist Los Gatos CA
Western Seminary Conservative Baptist Sacramento CA
Denver Seminary Conservative Baptist Littleton CO
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary - Rocky Mountain Campus Southern Baptist Denver CO
Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary Independent Baptist Newington CT
Andersonville Theological Seminary Conservative Baptist Camilla GA
James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology of Mercer University Baptist Atlanta GA
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