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Sitting down, He called the twelve and said to them, "If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all (Mar 9:35 NASB)"


Baptist Seminaries

Taylor University College and Seminary Canada
Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary Southern Baptist Cochrane Alberta, Canada
Carey Theological College Baptist Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Northwest Baptist Seminary Baptist Langley British Columbia, Canada
Acadia Divinity College Baptist Wolfville Nova Scotia, Canada
McMaster Divinity College Baptist Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Heritage College & Seminary Baptist Cambridge Ontario, Canada
Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College Baptist Toronto Ontario, Canada
Theological Seminary of Armenia Baptist Armenia
The Bible Institute of the Baptist Church in Bosnia-Herzegovina Baptist Sarajevo Bosnia
The Baptist Theological Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria part of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute (BETI) Baptist Sofia Bulgaria
International Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Prague Czech Republic
Bristol Baptist College Baptist Bristol England
Spurgeon's College Baptist London England
Northern Baptist College Baptist Manchester England
Tartu Baptist Seminary Baptist Tartu Estonia
Theologisches Seminar des Bundes Evangelisch Baptist Elstal Germany
Hungarian Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Budapest Hungary
The Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Netherlands
The Baptist Theological Seminary, Stabekk Baptist Oslo Norway
The Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Warsaw Poland
The Portuguese Baptist seminary Baptist Lisbon Portugal
Bucharest Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Bucharest Romania
Hungarian Baptist Seminary in Romania Baptist Romania
Scottish Baptist College Baptist Paisley Scotland
Seminario Teológico UEBE, Alcobendas Baptist Madrid Spain
Stockholm School of Theology Baptist Stockholm Sweden
Örebro Theological Seminary Baptist Orebro Sweden
Odessa Theological Seminary Baptist Odessa Ukraine
South Wales Baptist College Baptist Cardiff Wales
Middle East/Africa
Asia/South Pacific
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Australia
Minsk Theological Seminary Baptist Minsk Belarus
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Hong Kong China
The Non-Residential Bible School of the Baptist Union of Lithuania Baptist Lithuania
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Myanmar
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Philippines
Moscow Baptist Seminary Baptist Moscow Russia
St Petersburg Christian University Baptist St. Petersburg Russia
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Singapore
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist South Korea
Asia Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Bangkok Thailand
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary Baptist Beirut Lebanon

Are you a man of God who has felt God's pull on your life to go into the Ministry? Praise the Lord, and may He bless you and your family as you embark on the adventure. This page was inspired by a friend who felt that God wanted him to go into the Ministry, but when tried to find a Seminary, as that was the route he thought he should go, he found it a very confusing process. Through prayer he eventually found his way, but we wanted to make this a little easier on anyone else going down this road. We obviously can't tell you anything about those that are listed here, other than that they are in one way or another associated with one of the Baptist denominations. If we know which one it is, it's listed. If the affiliation just says "Baptist," then we don't have the denomination in our files other than that. If you can update this information or would like to add a seminary to our list, please let us know. Some schools, we're not sure why, discourage being linked to. Since we're not sure which would rather we not, we've not linked to any at this point. If you're an official of one of these and would like to be linked to, please let us know and we'll gladly do so.

You'll need at least one good while you're in Seminary, and, of course, as a Pastor.

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