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I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance (Luk 5:32 NASB).

We all know that a good education is important, with the best of it being a good Christian education. Here we've attempted to gather information on a variety of educational options for Christians, including web pages if we had them. Most are not linked though. Some of the educational associations of these schools do not want sites linking to them (not sure why), and some do, sometimes for a fee (seriously?). To honor their requests we've skipped the associations completely, and have listed schools, colleges & universities, and seminaries as we could find them on our own. If you'd like to add your school or give us permission to link to you, let us know. You'll also find some links to a variety of Homeschooling resources. We'd like to add more to this page, so if you have a suggestion of something to add, please email us.

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Christian Schools - On this page you'll find links to several Christian school associations that have at least some connection to one of the Baptist denominations, and links to the departments of Education for all of the states of the United States, and the provinces of Canada. We have a rather extensive list of these schools, but since the list changes almost daily, you'll get the most up-to-date information this way.

Christian Colleges & Universities - If you're looking for a Christian college, those listed here indicate that they are of the Baptist persuasion.

Seminaries - If you've felt the call to ministry we congratulate you. Here you'll find listings of Baptist seminaries from all over the world.

Homeschooling - We'll be the first to admit we're not experts on homeschooling, but given it's importance to many in the Christian community, you'll find resources to help you here.


Christian Education

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