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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven (Mat 5:16, RSV).

Christian Inspirational Videos

On this page of Christian videos you'll find inspirational videos that will help lift you up Spiritually.

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The Lifehouse "Everything" Drama shows a girl letting the world get between her and Jesus, and Him pulling her back again. I've seen this video dozens of times and it still gets to me. If you don't feel a chill or tear up here, check your heartbeat. 1 Peter 2.21 - "To this you were called because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in His footsteps." As Christians it is our call to make our lives open and available to Jesus so He can touch, reach, and transform the world through us. Be a living testimony!

God’s Chisel - When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be painful. Tommy and Eddie give a very creative look at a typical believer having to go through the process of discipline.

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