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Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me" (Joh 14:6, NASB).

Christian Classics/Gospel Radio Stations

Christian Teaching, Talk, and Music Radio Stations


Arizona Christian Radio Stations

Christian Teaching and Talk Radio Stations

Fredonia 89.1FM
Phoenix KFLR 90.3FM
Phoenix KLVA 105.5FM
Phoenix KLVK 89.1FM
Phoenix KPHF 88.3FM
Phoenix KEAR - Translator 88.9FM
Prescott KEAR - Translator 88.1FM
Tucson KFLT 830AM
Tucson KLTU 88.1FM
Bisbee KRMB 90.1FM
Bisbee KWRB 90.9FM
Black Canyon City K210DY(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 89.9FM
Camp Verde K220GI(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 91.9FM
Clifton K220IL(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 91.9FM
Douglas KAPR 930AM
Douglas KRMC 91.7FM
Flagstaff KJTA 89.9FM
Globe KJAA 1240AM
Globe/Phoenix KVJC 91.9FM
Groom Creek K258AL(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 99.5FM
Holbrook K217CN(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 91.3FM
Holbrook KBMH 90.3FM
Lake Havasu City KNLB 91.1FM
Meadview KVIP - Translator 90.9FM
Nogales KNOG 91.1FM
Parker KWFH 90.1FM
Payson K219KQ(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 91.7FM
Phoenix KPXQ 1360AM
Phoenix KKNT 960AM
Pinetop K218DV(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 91.5FM
Sierra Vista KNXN 1470AM
Tucson KGMS 940AM
West Phoenix KTLW - Translator 90.7FM
Window Rock KHAC 880AM
Window Rock KWIM 102.7FM
Winslow K206DH(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 89.1FM
Winslow 91.3FM
Yuma K211DD(satellite feed from KAWZ, Twin Falls) 90.1FM

Christian Contemporary Music Radio Stations

Chinle KPCL - Translator 105.7FM
Phoenix KZAI 89.9FM
Phoenix 88.7FM
Tucson 100.5FM
Christian radio, whether it's preaching, teaching, praise and worship to the Lord Jesus Christ, or some combination of these, is listened to in homes, workplaces, and automobiles all over the world. Are you looking for an online Internet Christian station with streaming audio or an over-the-air broadcast station? Music, talk, or a combination of both? We believe what you'll find here, 2,267 Christian radio stations to date, will help meet your needs. Please feel free to Email us if you find any mistakes or have another station for the list.
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